The ultimate bundle to help you find your ideal clients, reach them,  sell to them without being sales-y and keep them happy to continue patronizing your service.

It's a game changer!

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Does this sound like you?


-New in the online space or just struggling with making consistent cash from your online business

-Willing to move past your mindset issues and show up for your business.

-Not having consistent flow of clients

-Not able to close the sale even when you get clients on the phone.

-Tired of stalking people in their DM's when you know you can help them and many of them don't even bother to reply you

-You are not able to price your offers higher and so even when you have a reasonable number of sales, you are still struggling financially.

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Well, that's why this ultimate bundle has come your way!


This carefully put together bundle will help you overcome the problems that keep popping up with your clients including how to keep them engaged and entertained.

This will help you turn your on-lookers into fans and clients which means more freedom, impact and income for you!

This is what you get in this ultimate bundle package


✔ Get clients and sell to them without being sales-y

✔ Complete guide to Instagram success Ads

✔ High ticket sales secret guide

✔ Relationship marketing eBook

✔ Customer relationship marketing (CRM) eBook


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You will receive....

Training on attracting and keeping your ideal client

You will get

  • 5 Email Series sequence to turn strangers to loyal fans.
  • 35 Talking points to sell yourself to your ideal client.
  • How to overcome client objections.
  • How to address wants and lead your clients to success.
  • Client onboarding and getting to know them.
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High Ticket Sales Secret

Closing a sale is not the problem. Generating consistent, high-value sales is the issue.

With this step by step guide you will discover how to make high-ticket sales by working with the right clients the right way.

You will learn:

How to maximize the return that you get for all your efforts.
How to be at the right place, talk about the right things at the right time with the right people.
How to apply the first step right, get this wrong and you are going to waste your time, effort and money
.How to target the right audience, the right way.
How to unlock the Power of Segmentation so You can Tap into High-Ticket Sales.
Includes downloads of a Mindmap, Cheat Sheet and Training Guide

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2 eBooks 

'Relationship Marketing' + 'Customer Relationship Marketing'.

You will learn

Modern Marketing
How to sell without being sales-y
What your clients want from you
Tips to successful sales
How to define your customers
Myths about Social Media

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Instagram Ads Success

A complete beginners guide to successful advertising on Instagram. 

There are so many reasons to get excited about the Instagram platform. It now has a billion active users and businesses of all kinds are seeing excellent results from setting up a profile and advertising with Instagram.

You will learn:

The Why and What of Instagram Ads

How to target your ideal audience

How to measure the performance of your Instagram Account

Great Tools and Best Practices for successful Instagram Ads

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Special Bonuses


Access to my brand new webinar which will teach you the exact steps to turn your ideas into a profitable online business, sell with integrity and automate your funnels and systems.


Be the first to be invited to my brand new Facebook page group when it opens and I will continue to offer you support.

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Yes, I want this bundle
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My name is Funmi and I am the Creative Services Director for Heart & Hustle. I am a Kajabi expert, web designer, digital course creator and I build funnels which take businesses to successful launches. I am also a certified Business Coach and a professional Life coach.

After all the struggles I went through as a new coach and after navigating all the curves to get my business running online successfully, I put together this ultimate bundle to getting and keeping clients having you in mind.

I know you will get great value in this fully packed bundle to help you scale your business to the next level.

The key benefit for enrolling in this course is that you get an opportunity to truly focus on one thing at a time and scale your business. 

If this excites you, then, I will see you on the inside!

In Your Corner,


Your Investment


What you get

  • Get clients and sell to them without being sales-y
  • Complete guide to Instagram success Ads
  • High ticket sales secret guide
  • Relationship marketing eBook
  • Customer relationship marketing (CRM) eBook
This is for me!