5 reasons to save clients contact details

You know how we say out of sight is out of mind?

 When you save your customers contact details, it might just be an avenue to create more money for yourself in future.

 If you have not been saving it, here are some reasons you should start.


  • Gain testimonials

 Your future clients will love to know others have found your product or service of good quality. Many times, clients are even happy to give you their opinion.


  • Identify areas of improvement

When someone that has patronised you tells you their candid opinion, you can weigh options to improve.


  • Build quality relationships

 If you have already invested your energy, time and money in gaining a client, why not do something extra to keep them as well? Some can end up being besties.


  • Upsell , cross sell and resell your products

 As the saying goes, this one is important! The reason you are in business is to make money, so keep your clients and count your money.

I will explain in another post what upsell, cross sell and resell can do for your business.


  • Old customers bring referrals

 Customers who have gotten value from you will tell others. You are saved energy, time and money.


So why not do the needful?

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