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I always wanted to work for myself, but after I suffered a major loss in my offline business, I always worried that I wouldn’t have what it takes to run a successful online business. I changed niches like toilet paper until I invested in myself.

With the help of mentors, I finally got the courage to launch my products and became visible in the busy online space. As a result, I went on to become an International best selling author, a member of The International network of speakers and coaches, spoke on several summits and sought out to be on podcasts all in the year of the pandemic!

Now I use my experiences to help others start and grow their own successful online business.

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I position service based businesses to hit their financial goals with high converting funnels, websites and go to market launch strategies.

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Pearlette Cassels

Accountability Coach

Hi Funmi,
I want to send you a special note of thanks for Coaching us for 5 weeks.

I learned a lot and understand the sequence of things and how they all get to the desired result.

Thanks so very much! It is greatly appreciated! 

You are so kind-hearted and respectful. You make us feel that we can do it without yelling or intimidation! So inspiring!

We know work is required. But when you are stuck, you just need guidance. You provide that and make it real with your story and we feel that you understand where we are and where we want to go.

Thank you for being YOU!


Amber Lydic

Confidence and Connection Coach


Olufunmi came in right before I launched and saved the day. 

I am a creative in my own industry but the technology thing mixed with a marketing thing really is above my head!

The amount of relief that I got when I worked with Olufunmi was immeasurable…

She was fast and she delivered what she promised before when she said she would… It looks 10,000 times better than what I did.

She was fantastic to communicate with and I cannot recommend her more!! !


Kym Scott

EYs Consultant


I love that we think alike!

I just logged into the site and I can’t stop looking at it! Its everything I dreamed of and I feel so happy to be working with you!

Thank you, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work - as someone who tends to go that extra mile myself, I so appreciate finally working with someone else who obviously does the same.

Only two days in and I know I made the right decision contacting you.

Thank you thank you!