Let's talk about WHY

Apparently, yesterdays post on my personal Facebook page resonated with some people, and I got an interesting follow-up question. If you haven't already, click here to read it.

I have by no means made it, but reflecting back, I was so determined to do things differently. I thought that if I put in my very best and it still doesn't work, I would give up, and one year was the maximum timeframe I gave myself to make that decision.

So I poured into self-study, sharpened my skills and invested about two-thirds of my earnings in 5 mentors who had what I wanted. I burnt the midnight candle, studied as if my life depended on it, and took life-changing personal development courses. Many times I had just five hours of sleep because I was learning! The result- I hit my target for the year!

Anyway, back to my point, I got a message about this post, and the question bordered around what I was doing differently from the norm as it seemed to be working for me. That was pretty easy, and my answer was and still is simply because I have a big reason why! They are my precious teenage daughters. They mean everything to me, and all I had from my parents and much more is the living legacy I wish to give them. Compassion, grace, integrity, determination, success, wealth, and being christ-like are what I want them to learn from me.

Whenever I felt like giving up, ''MY Why'' propelled me to keep going. It drives me to attend to my clients as best as possible. You see, for a lot of them, I quickly realized that their business is part of the legacy they wish to leave for their own children. 

It runs so profoundly deep for me that I had shed tears just reading a completed application form when someone booked a call with my Company. 

You see, my passion is to help people get unstuck with their online business. Yes, I love designing pages, building funnels and launching products for them. Still, when my work makes a significant difference to them and their future, I feel a sense of fulfilment.

Today, my question to you is, what is YOUR big reason why? What is it that propels you to want better for yourself? Answer this question truthfully, and I bet it will help you move forward with your vision.





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