Self Made Millionaire

I do not like to use the term self made millionaires because i believe we achieve all things only by the grace of our maker. However for the purpose of this post, I shall use the term.

No doubt about it self made millionaires worked hard to achieve what they have but quickly learn not to make the word hard.

In order to make a million dollars in one year, here is a strategy that you must apply either in your product or service business.

$83, 333.33 Monthly

$19, 230.77 Weekly

$2, 747.25 Daily

$114.1 Hourly

$1.9 Every Minute

You can even break it further down. For instance if you are a speaker, you may decide to go for smaller breakdowns.

$343.40 per hour (calculate 8 hours per day)

$85.85 per every 15 minutes

$28.62 every 5 minutes

This breakdown will help you with charging for your speaking engagements.

When you have a firm plan as above regardless of what business you are in, you are bound to be more focused on your goals.

A survey of some self made millionaires revealed the following 5 productivity secrets as follows:

They discovered short-cuts to make their work easy, repeatable and profitable.

They discovered how to delegate work which is outside their core expertise.

They discovered how to implement whatever it is they have learnt.

They discovered the value of prioritizing because they realize that time is money.

They discovered a no fail system and adapt it to their own business model.
In order to join these set of people:

  • find a problem
  • find the solution
  • set your financial goal
  • create your breakdown
  • go for it

In conclusion, find a system that works and build on it.

To your success!

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