Simple steps to free yourself from anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life if you ask me.

It however does not need to take over your life and activities. To be honest with you, it makes me do better! I get to do a number of things during those anxious moments and today, i will share them with you.

   1. Breathe

Find yourself a quiet moment and take deep breadths. I concentrate on my breathing and just relax during those anxious moments. As i do this, i remind myself that this time will pass. It does wonders all the time. I also recommend yoga.

     2. Get yourself a cheerleader

Everyone of us has that one friend or family who is bubbly and fun to talk to. Someone who will add value to you each time. A listening ear is so important during an anxious moment. You need reminding before that speaking engagement on how great you are.


      3. Take a walk or do light exercises

This could be a good technique to calm an anxious moment down. Walking triggers the release of endorphins and immediately helps you relieve anxiety and pain. The higher your level of endorphins, the greater your sense of calm and well-being!


      4. Recreation

There are so many means of finding relaxation. Swimming, watching television, going to the movies etc are all ways to unwind and free yourself from anxiety. I do very well with brain games like lumosity. A session does wonders for me.


     5. Prayers

A faith session can do wonders when anxious. It brings a renewed peace when you are able to put your faith in God. Prayer brings clarity, comfort and inner strength.

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