The #2 way to drive traffic to your website


You’ll benefit from regularly sharing your content with your followers on social media. After all, how many followers, friends, and connections do you have? Probably several hundred, if not many more. All of these online connections represent potential site visitors and eventual customers.


With this social media strategy, whenever you create a piece of content, share it multiple times across all your social media profiles.


Why should you share your content multiple times? Because not every one of your followers will see every one of your posts. Sharing multiple times on various channels maximizes the chances of your followers seeing your social media posts.


When you share your content on social media, think about what format works best for each platform.


For example:


  • Pinterest is very image-heavy. When you share a blog post to Pinterest, consider creating a specific accompanying image that fits the Pinterest platform.


  • Twitter, on the other hand, is more text-heavy (although images certainly help). When you share a blog post to Twitter, carefully craft the text you want to accompany your post.


Consider, also, sharing different types of formats of your content. For example, Facebook likes to keep people on their site as long as possible and video content helps them do that (since people will give more of their attention to videos). Therefore, they tend to push video content higher up in the social media feeds, giving it more exposure.


LinkedIn also is now focusing heavily on promoting video content, since it keeps people on their website longer.


With these tips in mind, you can see how important it is to use video to promote the content you create on your website.


For example, let’s say you create an in-depth blog post about the keto diet. You could create an accompanying video for Facebook in which you give some of the tips from the blog post and then point people to your website for the rest of the tips.


When using social media, don’t be afraid to experiment with different content formats to see what works best on different platforms. Try sharing links, images, videos, polls, and more, and see what drives the most people to your website.


Luckily, you can use online services to help you with all of this social media sharing. If you want to schedule social media posts in advance, there are numerous tools that enable you to do that, including:



Using these tools, you can schedule months of social media posts in advance, saving you valuable time.


Keep in mind that just because a piece of content is older doesn’t mean that it’s not worth sharing more than once. You can breathe new life into old pieces of content by re-sharing them on social media a while after they were first published. And sharing content more than once will generate more clicks, visits, and shares.


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